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I just watched one of the famous Korean series which according to is ruining the lives in China. I'm talking about the series of Kim Soo Hyun and Gianna Jun"You who came from stars". It is a weird tale of an alien who lives for 400 years and was about of leave the planet Earth when he fell in love with a famous Korean actress. For those who wants to have a good laugh, this series is recommend, a no-brainer series that has a lots of laugh and just pure fun. Anyway, this post will not review the said series hahaha. There was a scene which just reminded me of one of the beautiful places that I visited when I went to Korea a year ago. I was not able to share it here but seeing that the place was featured again in a series, I think it is worth sharing here. I'm talking about Petite France.
Scenes from You who came from stars
Petite France is located in Gapyeong Korea. Although Nami Island is the more famous destination in Gapyeong for foreign tourists in Korea, Petite France is an emerging tourist destination because it was featured in some of the famous Korean series which include Beethoven Virus, and Secret Garden. Petite France or also known as "Little France" is a place dedicated to Antoine de Saint Exupery, the author of the Little Prince. It is a bit far from the Central, I think from Seoul it is a 2 hours travel. Also, although it is included as one of the suggested tour in Gapyeong, it is still a bit far from Namiseom Island. Tip: to save money, buy the bus ticket that will let you have a round trip tour in tourist destinations in Gapyeong. It only costs around 5,000 won or 250 Php. You can buy it in Nami Island. Just patiently wait for the bus because it has schedule. But since we don't have patience at that time, we took a cab and woah! We thought that we will run out of money because it was really far! We paid 20,000 won for the cab. So, just wait for the green bus!

After a long drive with no visible infrastructure in sight, you will be surprised that there is a place such as Petite France waiting for you. I think it is still 20-30 minutes from Gapyeong train station. When we arrived there we were welcome by a group of Korean students having a field trip in the place. The entrance fee to Petite France is 8,000 won or around 300-400 Php.

What to expect? 

Well, what I liked about this place is the 'artsy' feel. I think hipster people will like it there. (paging Kyemeruth here :p) The first thing that we saw are the people gathering in a mini open theater. We got curious, and we sat for awhile, from the looks of it, there will be a mini-show, and there was!

Petite France Open Theater
Puppet show in Petite France

 There is a room also that features different kind of dolls, some are really weird looking dolls and I felt like they are alive specially when you look into their eyes.

Dolls and the obligatory #selfie in Petite France
By the way, there are also available rooms in Petite France where you can stay overnight. We were not able to ask for the price, but the rooms are cute. Actually, while we are exploring the place we saw one room that was open, we thought that it was part of the attraction but to out surprise it was a rented room. Haha. Lucky us that we were not caught because that would be trespassing. But because of that we were able to photograph the room.

There was also a funny incident that happened in Petite France involving my best friend Jui. Haha But I will not share it anymore since it was quite embarrassing that involves her jeggings. :p Tsk. But she has one of the amazing photo shot here. Thanks to me! But she was lazy taking photos, unfortunately for me.

All she managed was to take a photo of me with Hyun Bin's stand post from the Secret Garden. Life is really unfair. Haha. Demmit!

Lastly, there was another puppet show, but this time it is in a closed theater. The story was the little red riding hood. Haha But it was in Korean language, since there was no subtitle as it was a live show, we just took some photos and went out.

Overall, the experience in Petite France was fun! It was worth a visit. So if you are going to Gapyeong area in Korea, don't forget to drop by in Petite France.

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  1. I may be a lazy photographer but hey, atleast buo naman the pictures. LOL :) Stop hating. Ily, k? :P

  2. Bagay the Secret Garden photo. Lol, you should dress like that more often. HAHAHA JOKE!


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