Of smelling summer vacation and nostalgia

8:52 AM

‘If it’s love…” the song by the Train plays on rewind whenever I feel very nostalgic. I was listening to this song while I’m taking my first step inside the life in law school. It reminds me of my first day, my clumsiness of entering the school premises with a removed heel, having a “mentos moment”. Hah! I can’t believe it was four years ago, and yesterday, I just finished my fourth year in law school. Well, not the law course itself, but more or less, I’m done with all the subjects in law school. Next school year will just be review, integration, and preparation for the bar. This will happen, if I opt to take all my review subjects (considering the school load of 21 units, plus another 4 units if my grade in one subject will not be reconsidered) next school year. But as I originally planned it, I really want to finish the course in five (5) years. But whatever comes, I’ll just readily accept it. 

Four (4) years after experiencing the roller coaster life in law school, I’m still wondering if I have the knack to make the cut or if my passion had wane through the struggles brought by both internal and external forces of nature. Hmmm. I must admit, there was a time when I questioned my ability that I almost gave up two (2) years ago. But I went back and talked to my three (3) year old self and asked her what she wanted to become when she grew up, and she gave me “the answer” with the same passion and with burning eyes. I felt her strong conviction, and I was ashamed of my older self for not fulfilling her dream. So, here I am still fighting for that dream! 

Some of my friends have already jumped through the last obstacle of having the “ATTY” added to their name and I am so proud of them. CONGRATULATIONS! Although my standing for this year looks a little terrible, I am hopeful that I’d be able to make it to my fifth year in San Beda. It’s kinda hopeless, but I have gone through the hopelessness to know that there is still HOPE. So for now, I’ll look up and just have FAITH. 

Happy summer vacay everyone!!! J

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  1. " I have gone through the hopelessness to know that there is still HOPE." Naks. :D


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