Of discipline, patience and loyalty: 47 Ronin book review

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Imagine flock of sheep herded by their shepherd. Suddenly, their shepherd was caught in an untimely death, what do you think will happen to the flock of sheep? That's what 47 Ronin's major theme. It will lead us to the path of the Ronin, which means a Samurai without master. Some become mercenaries, some were able to adapt to their new environment, but some were brave enough to march to death following their master.

47 Ronin can be summarized by these virtues: Patience, Loyalty, Bravery, and Honor. It can be further summarized to one word, "DISCIPLINE". The 47 Ronin authored by John Allyn follows the life of samurai, its nature, way of life, its humanity and integrity. The book was written in a very compelling way that I forgot that these are based on true story and a famous play in Japan. The book teaches us the importance and significance of delayed gratification, waiting for proper timing and a very discipline mind despite conflicting interest. Ordinary people will think that the path they choose is the path to self-destruction, but because of their loyalty, and honor to their chosen profession, the path is not self-destruction but to only to accomplished their mission.

The book gives us a glimpse of the unshakable discipline of Japanese people, their belief in the system and order, the honor code and a like. This simply reminds me that somehow, the Confucian theory really helped shape one's country.  

I recommend this book for those who are facing trials and starting to lose faith at the first struck of misery. This will give you some enlightenment, I hope.  But more than reading this, I'm looking forward watching it in the big screen, although, I think they made some modification to accommodate Keanu Reeves, because nowhere in the book I read a character named Kai, it is Oishi who lead the other Ronin in the fight. Anyway, here's the trailer for the film.

47 Ronin will be in cinemas, I guess for the Philippine audience, this January 2014. :) 

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