Food Review: EF4 goes to Maru Korean Restaurant in Robinsons Manila

11:17 AM

Last Sunday, my lawschool friends, also known as EF4, (well you don't need to study law to decode the meaning of EF4, it simply means "Echoserang Frogs") namely Rigel Kent Villacarlos (aka GayFrog), Jean Pearl Manikis (aka BoobFrog), Julie Ann Padua (aka HolyFrog) and Me (EmoFrog :p) craved for Korean Food. Since Rej will be having his volleyball match in La Salle Taft competing for the Conflicts of Law, we decided to watch him and show our support then eat to a Korean Resto after. However, the match was cancelled and the judges just decided to put FEU Law in third place. (San Beda Law placed 1st runner-up)

Well anyway, we still meet near La Salle Taft and decided to satisfy our cravings by eating in a small restaurant in Adriatico near Philippine Sports Commission. It is our favorite place because the food prices are cheap and it's "Mashta" (Delicious) although the place is not so high end, the owner is very accommodating. Unfortunately for us, it opens at 5PM every Sunday, and it's only 2PM when we went there. (Sad) So I suggested that we go instead to Robinsons Ermita, and try Maru Restaurant which I saw the last time we went  in Rob. Place. 

Entrance of Maru Restaurant

Maru Restaurant Menu
Well, as for the ambiance and the restaurant appearance, I will give Maru 4 out of 5 stars. The place is clean, it is inviting, and it is very Korean. I said, very Korean, because they have these tables which you can just sit comfortably in Indian sit. We ordered, Samgyeopsal (Pork belly with lettuce coupled with a lot of side dishes) and we tried ojinguh bokkeum (Stir-fried squid with vegetables) since they don't have toppoki. 

Samgyeopsal with its side dishes
ojinguh bokkeum
Unlike, other restaurants, they have a different sets of side dishes. I particularly like the Korean Potato marble, Rej and I were fighting over that side dish! LOL hahahha.. By the way, the good thing about them is that you can refill as many side dishes that you want. I love their Sam-Gyeopsal because the meat used was fresh as well as the lettuce.

Although some incident happened when their server accidentally thud off the glass of Julie. We thought that they were going to change our food since it was soaked with iced tea, especially the meat. But to our dismay, they did not initiate to change our food. We let go of it this incident since we don't want to ruin our mood so we still continued eating, until we saw a strand of hair in the Ojinguh Bokkeum. This time we really call their attention. What they did was, they removed the food in our table, so we thought that they are going to replace it immediately, but the server returned to our table and asked us "what do you want to do with the food?". We are like what?-really?-you-are-asking-us-that-question look in our face. So we are like looking at each other and exchanging awkward glances. Julie just told them, "it's up to you, but if it is ok to replace it, we will appreciate it." They replaced the food, but what was off there was that, they still asked us what to do with it and for a customer it is just so awkward to be put in that kind of situation when they are supposed to know what to do already.

Overall, the food was good, the place is good but I will give them a very low score in management, since the incident was very basic and they didn't know what to do, it just so happen that we are not in our bitchier mode so we are still kinda kind to them. I'll score them 3 out of 5 stars.

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  1. hi, may I suggest a good korean restaurant also to you, they are located at Il terrazzo QC, yoogane is the name of the restaurant. their best sellers Dak Galbi, chap chae and korean Beef stew

    1. wow thanks for the suggestion.. wel'll definitely try it since my friends and I really love Korean food! :)

  2. hi! can i ask if this is the two hundred peso Samgyeopsal? it would really help if you can still recall how much it was XD planning to take a visit though im still on a student's budget hehe thanks!

    1. Hi winnie! I believe it's around 250-300 samgyeopsal! I visited them again later last year, unfortunately, I still hate their service. If you are looking for budget korean food, try those that are in Adriatico. they are only 250 and they have a lot of servings. Or if you are near cubao area, there is Kogi there in the top floor, the samgyeopsal ssmbap is only 225 with a very korean and artistic ambiance! :) Hope this helps! :)

  3. how much was your food bill?


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