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10:16 PM

While singing in the karaoke, my eyes caught a song in the list which was my favorite back then. It was a song from 4 Non Blondes. I don't know why it became my favorite, my guess? maybe because of its melody. I haven't really understood its lyrics then, hmmm ..maybe I have... but not as I understand it now.

from know you meme he man sings

Sometimes it's odd that as you grow old, your perspective really changes, even if you think you are still your old self. It's also strange how some songs can really reflect your own struggles and can make you look back and at the same time look forward to future at the same time.

I was referring to the song what's up. The lyrics goes like...

25 years of my life and still
I'm trying to get up that great big hill of hope
For a destination

I'm 25 right now... and just like that, I felt that the song is speaking to me. I'm still pursuing 'that' dream, maybe also for a destination. But right now, I don't know where my dreams would lead me. I just hope that it would lead me into something good. 

and so I cry sometimes when I'm lying in bed
just to get it all out what's in my head
and I am feeling a little peculiar

I'm not really crying, but I usually just lie in my bed, and reflect. I don't know if it's a blessing or a curse, but sometimes, my thoughts are peculiar than anyone could imagine. 

And I try, oh my God do I try
I try all the time
In this institution

Well, I just find this very apt. My work now is like a seesaw, sometimes I'm up and sometimes I'm down. To be more specific, my work sometimes is the source of my happiness but also my unhappiness. It's also true with my law school life. But I believe that we all try to survive the school of life. 

And I pray, oh my God do I pray
I pray every single day
For a revolution

We all want a revolution, a change in the system, and to somehow be part of that change. A catalyst in our own way. 

And I say hey...
And I say hey what's goin' on?

Well nothing really, just some random thought and a post. A sign of quarter-life crisis maybe. 


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