Petite France "postcard" ready photo: My first Photoshop experience

11:08 AM

I am  used to apps with predetermined filters like instagram and the pixlr to enhance my photos. I really want to try Photoshop ever since but I find it really complicated. Not until I was influenced by my equally crazy creative friend kyemeruth to try Photoshop. Thanks to her portable Photoshop app that I am using the it for free. The tools at first glance are overwhelming but the the secret is to explore and conquer. Hence, my first product. 

The photo was taken in "petite france" or Little France in Gapyeong, South Korea. I'll try to blog about it when I'm finish with my lawschool obligations and deadlines.

Original photo
 Petite France, South Korea
After applying some curves and tools in Photoshop, here is my "postcard-ready" photo of Petite France. Chos!

Petite France, South Korea

Next post on this topic will be my first experience with Lasso tool. Hahaha.

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  1. Hahahahahahahahaha! Is the name drop thing a compliment? Lolz. Congrats! :D

    1. oo diba sikat ka na! Chos! nakalink ba blog mo jan! Oha! :p

  2. That place is really nice^^* The home of "The Little Prince"~~


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