Subspace Coffee Shop in Ortigas: Secret haven for artists and "feeling artists"

4:09 PM

With my fellow "me-sessionistas", we discovered a place somewhere in Ortigas with a Korean vibe! It's a small place that I think could only cater to 20-25 person at the same time. So it is safe to say that we've discover a secret haven. Remember that little cute bear cake in TLJ bakeshop I shared here? This time, those little creature can be found in the coffee design exclusively offered by Subspace Coffee Shop. 

Subspace Purple Potato Latte

The place is donned with "K-Pop" stuff, like cute chairs, table and lights. We also have in the background "K-Pop" music, but what I really like to this place is that it invites creativity and productivity. Another thing, we are also surrounded by "K-POP" people LOL. 

Inside the Subspace Coffee Shop

I believe it is one of the 'must visit coffee shop' in Metro Manila. The last time we visited the place, me with kyemeruth and Ann were so inspired that we came up with a "doodle of us" battling our own monsters.

Feeling artists inside the Subspace Coffee Shop

Our "Battling the monsters around us" masterpiece

Subspace is located at Unit 103, GF Grand Emerald Tower,, F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center Pasig City. It is near Meralco Ave. and Robisnsons Galleria. 

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