From Korea to Philippines: TOUS les JOURS in Eastwood

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Since Philippines is being "Koreanationalized" bringing Korea to Philippines is the "in" thing now. Well, we can't blame Filipinos for such patronage since Koreans are indeed creative in terms of reinventing what seems to be ordinary like papers, ballpens and even tissue papers. This is not to say that Filipinos are less creative, it's just that the environment in Korea encourage more creativity than our country. Sad to say, even our inventors lack support and again we have the 'crab mentality' as the main obstacle for improving our self and culture. Anyway, enough of this, this issue should be discussed in another fora. (LOL) I just wanted to share the 'cutesy' bakery of Korea which is now in the Philippines, the TOUS les JOURS!!!

TOUS les JOURS is a bakery originated from Korea which is now being franchised globally. I think it was recently also brought here in the Philippines since I saw a branch in Eastwood where I had a chance to take photos of their cute cakes. Their cakes are indeed irresistible! Aside from cakes they are also selling breads. Tous les jours is a hybrid of Korean and French culture in one!  

The minimalist look of the counter

Breads in TOUS les JOURS, Eastwood Branch
TLJ's breads ranges from 8 Php for a classic roll as the cheapest to 198 Php for their Cranberry Walnut Bread. Don't worry most of their breads only cost 38Php to 68Php. 

Yihaa! The colorful and cute cakes of TOUS les JOURS
Such an eye candy right!! I know! How can you resist their cakes with those designs! Don't worry cakes in TOUS les JOURS is not that expensive! The most cheapest cake is the Rich chocolate cake (398Php) and Cookie Cream Cheesecake and Chocolate Forest being the most expensive at 798Php. 

Party with Bear at P 598
But how can you resist this chocolate bear!! Yum! These are the quality of cakes which you can't resist instagramming! The question now is, do you have a heart to actually eat these cakes? Hahaha

Another quirky thing about this store is the pricing which ends with a number "8". 

Anyway, if you wanna take a bite of this Korean Bakery, TLJ is located in Eastwood City, ground floor of the newly opened Robinsons Supermarket in front of Eastwood Mall.

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  1. Ay parang masarap yung Cookie Cream Cheesecake. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :p


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