Requiem for Reality

2:39 PM

I welcome the images of the past. It's been awhile since I took a break from the continuous chain of labor that this society demands. This society is now breeding a new specie of machine lesser of a human and I was part of this new world. 

During this time, I was not even allowed to think of my existence. Slowly, I felt that we are not creating this new machine but rather we are becoming one of them. 

I was scared for awhile... I was waiting for something to break the chain. 

I was waiting for the insane moment to know that I'm still sane, that I can still distinguished the thin line between the real and reel. Then I snapped!

I was buried to the depths of the world that everybody knows, which I don't quite understand. The break I'm waiting is slowly drifting away. The break that will drive me insane, enough for me to recognize myself is blurring. 

I was falling... floating.. and dancing with the flow. I bit myself, I must fight it... but I do not know how. I look down, everyone is falling, screaming and laughing... calling for me to go with them on the ground... saying that its the only way to keep my sanity; but I don't want to be sane. 

I cling to the memory, the images of the past which drives me crazy, I felt happy... I'm not losing it... I still recognize it! Thanks to the memoir that saved me... I hoped it can last before I lost again my insanity.

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