If only he could see her now...

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This entry was supposed to be posted on 28 August 2013. 

Sara Crewe
Photo Source: http://www.ne.jp/asahi/ramdas/sara/illust/sara/sara14.jpg

It's been 16 years since a child was awaken from the dreamland and the fairy tale universe. The little princess suddenly needs to be a grown-up kid with a burden to carry. She had discovered reality far ahead from the other kids on the block. But, she has conquered and continuously conquering it all. She had learned that experience and mistakes are indeed the best teachers in the subject called LIFE. 

With her childhood fear to deal with things her young mind cannot comprehend. She get her inspiration to her favorite cartoon character Sara Crewe. Like Sara, her father was taken from her early, not enough to prepare her to stand alone and to be on her own. She told herself, if Sara made it, then she can too.

Sara Crewe with her father
Photo Source: http://www.ne.jp/asahi/ramdas/sara/illust/sara/sara25.jpg

But as she continues her journey, she realized that they were not the same. Unlike Sara, there are no promises of redemption in her case. During those times, it was only her blind faith that keeps her going. She has learned to depend not to anyone but herself. Another thing that separates her from Sara's character is the fact that Sara only needs to live for Emily, but she has live for her family.

She tried to be stronger, and still trying to be. A lot of times she feel so alone in the battle, but she always go back to the promise that she made her father. Although, her father didn't come back for her, she knows that somewhere over the changing skies, he is watching her. He is also helping her, in some ways or another, to fulfill her promises with him. 

But now she just misses her Papa. It's been 16 years since that fateful day. 

Sometimes the girl is hoping that she is indeed Sara Crewe and that eventually her father will come back and will tell her that from now on everything's gonna be alright. With this she responds "I may not be Sara Crewe, because I am my own person, and I know my father need not to come back because I believe he is always on our side, guiding us to the right path and helping us get through life."


Papa, you are remembered always and I dedicate this song for you. :) 

Song: If you could see me now by The Script. 

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  1. Ang kyeme ng post! Na-trigger tuloy my midlife crisis episode. Hahaha! :)

    1. LOL midlife agad? di pedeng quarter muna??? Nyahahha! Chosera! :p


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