Cafe cum library: Cool Beans Cafe

10:34 PM

I always wanted to build a restaurant cum cafe cum library. I thought the idea was unique; I was wrong. LOL. During a random chat with my friend Kyemeruth, I was surprised that we shared the same thought. Oh, well, seems like the idea is not original at all. Haha and while we are chatting about it, others already executed it. And there was Cool beans.

Cool Bean Counter

You thought it right! Cool beans is a coffee shop cum library where you can just hang around and read! Their book selections varies from young adult fictions, graphic novels/comics (Archie series and Marvel comics), random coffee table books and some non-fictions.

Book selections

As for the interior, I like the cozy feeling and some "artsy" twist with random frames hanging on the walls. Well my only complain was its small tables and chairs. 

What I liked about the cafe are its "highlands coffee" from Sagada, Benguet and oops! I forgot. But I ordered Sagada roast! They also have some sandwiches and pasta. It's affordable! I think its 20 peso less from commercial coffee shops.

It's a must try experience located at the booming food street in Maginhawa! :) 

Oh! Sometimes they also hold workshops like knitting! Cool!

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