A not so popular but Popular bookstore in QC

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While wandering at the heart of Q.C. I was able to spot a place that will surely make all bookworms crazy. Hmm or maybe it was just me. I was just exaggerating. Haha. But mind you, I swoon upon seeing their collections.

The place is called "POPULAR". Contrary to its name, it doesn't seem so popular (at least for me) but its like a mine of gold. I believe their collections were handpicked. Mostly they have rare books written by Filipino authors such as F.Sionil Jose and the likes.

The bookstore is located at the second floor and third floor of a building in Tomas Morato. The third floor is mostly occupied by books on sale. I checked third floor first. Luckily, I saw cheap rare books. How cheap? Well I got two (2) books for 35php. 

My loots include "The bases of our insecurity" which tackles the issue on US-Philippines military agreement, and "Weapon of Satire" by Mark Twain. I was surprised that the author of the "Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn" took interest and has something to say on the colonization of USA in the Philippines.

Cheap rare books
My loots from Popular bookstore
After rummaging cheap books in third floor, I went down to check other stuff. I saw the book of Benedict Anderson's 'Imagined Communities'. I gave the book to my friend kyemeruth, she's been eyeing for this book since forever. Haha! I also took interest in the collection of short stories put together in Manila Noir. The book contains different fictional stories, having Metro Manila as its backdrop. It was entertaining but at the same time leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, well at least for some stories. 

Aside from books, Popular is also selling different kinds of shirts. The designs are quite unique. My eyes caught one shirt which has a Chinese character for Justice. Oh well, let's just say I'm feeling my future profession right now. (Naks!) 

Oh well, I hope to drop by again soon. However, it seems like the books I bought will only be read by my shelves since new semester has started. Time to say hello to law books again. 

Popular bookstore is located in #305 Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City, Philippine. It's in front of Imperial Suites. 

For more info, visit their website at www.popularbkstore.com

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