When the kitty turns out to be a human

9:35 AM

So many questions occupied my mind lately. Some are beyond my comprehension that disturbed the already small portion of my working brain. Most questions relates to humanity, in particular, the character that distinguished human from other species. Human emotions, human society, human activities and human realities. 

Sometimes I think we are living in a contrived society where everything is phony. Case in point, the contorted truth about the pesky kitty who turns out to be human. I mean what the hell is wrong with the world today? We are transported to a maelstrom of realities, confused and fucked up...

Credits to the owner of the photo.

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  1. Di ko kinaya yung "maelstrom" haha. Pero regarding our jeepney discussion, I think we should expound on that again. Hahaha! Found some useful stuff last Sat during class. :D


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