A Cab's Story

10:44 PM

I hailed a cab to school that day, I was exhausted from work. In fact, I was sick and suffering from colds. It was the first cab I called. I was ready to be rejected since the route to school is usually traffic, but I'm glad the driver obliged.

Manong driver asked me where to go, I told him "to San Beda College, Mendiola". He continued asking, "So you’re a student? Let me guess, a law student?" I nod as a reply. "How many more years before you become a full-fledged lawyer" he said. I told him "hopefully in two years".

I felt that he was surprised and even commented that I must be a hell-of-a-smart-kid, to which I humbly replied, "No, Manong. I am just hard-working."

Manong remarked that I must be diligent to pull-off the dual role of being a student and a full-time worker. I responded honestly, “"kailangan po eh (It's a must for me), because aside from paying my school expenses, I am also tending for my family's needs and my sibling's schooling". “As the eldest, I took responsibility since we lost our father long time ago. As for my mother, I believed she was enervated by our misfortunes. She was mentally and emotionally drained that she can't force herself to work anymore." I added.

Manong's questioning continued, he then remarked, "your family must have been lucky with you and you are lucky yourself too". "Imagine! You were able to manage to send yourself and your brother to a good school, and help your sister graduate in college.” he added.  I pondered quietly, "Am I"? Then, it occurred to me, "no, I must have been blessed all these years". This gave me an opportunity to look back at our life not so long ago. I remember cursing the life that God gave us. I questioned Him for all the hardships we needed to endure, and thought of the times when we almost have nothing. Believe it or not, I remembered the days when we only have a cup of rice and salt in our table. The times when we needed to share an egg to satisfy our hungry stomachs; to wake up with only bread, pork and beans and coffee to feast Christmas and the times when I needed to do a 1, 2, 3 (colloquial term for someone who intentionally ride a jeep without paying the fare) just to go to school.

I woke up from my reverie and smiled. Then I answered Manong driver. "No, I think I am not lucky. I just surrendered everything to God that's why we managed to survive."

I remembered that the time I accepted my fate, the responsibility to carry to cross for my family, is the time the wheel of fate favored me. I gave everything to God and God listened. He always listens.

I paid my fare, alighted from the cab and thanked Manong driver. I have this feeling that he was someone sent by God to remind me of the times I survived real life obstacles. It is also Him assuring me that everything will be ok. "God bless" was my final message to Manong, hoping to share the message and blessings of the Lord. 

Photo Credit: http://www.redbubble.com/people/graphxpro/works/7422190-taxi-cab-car-cartoon

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