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I was browsing for movies again, hoping against hope that I will be able to discover some old new film that will inspire me. Then I stumbled upon a 2007 film of Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, titled "The Bucket List". This wasn't the film I was supposed to find. I was actually browsing for "Invictus" film since it was recommended by my law school friends. If you are familiar with Imdb.com, there are movies recommended similar to the one you're searching for at the bottom part. The bucket list caught my eye, and voila! I am already searching for it's availability in my favorite "file-sharing" site. :) 

I was captivated by the promising premise of the film. Two terminally ill strangers, and looking for adventures. I was doubtful at first since I'm not really a fan of Jack Nicholson, but I gave in because of Morgan Freeman. His movies never failed me so far!

So there, the movie started with a man walking towards a mountain covered with snow. It was Mr. Carter (Morgan Freeman) narrating how a stranger, named Mr. Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson) was the bravest man he has known. Anyway, Mr. Cole here is the owner of the hospital where Mr. Carter was confine. Mr. Cole is insistent to his hospital policy of two-persons-one-room-and-no-exceptions. So when he was suddenly diagnosed with a cancer. he shared the room with Mr. Carter. Mr. Carter is a simple man, a husband for 45 years with Virginia, a father of three and a mechanic. 

Carter and Cole had a love-hate-relationship, but as the story unfolds, their relationship metamorphosed into a budding friendship of a lifetime. In the end, they made a bucket list and somehow fulfilled it. 

The movie touched a soft spot in my heart as it was very surreal. Two men, in their twilight years, living their lives for the first time. I was reminded that it was never too late for everything. They should have been discouraged by their illness but instead, they used this misfortune as an opportunity to start living the life they really wanted. The film brought us to many places; Nepal, India, Hongkong, China, Egypt to name a few. It was narrated simply yet compelling. The film's simplicity is its own power. It will also left you pondering on your faith and all the things you believe in. For my major take away, I think that film is telling us to live our dream. Everyone of us will die, and the only difference that you can make is if you were able to left the Earth with no regret in your heart. To quote Mr. Carter. "And he die with his eyes close, with an open heart." 

It is a highly recommended film. :)

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