Mirror, Mirror

10:58 AM

"How are you now?" the conscience speaks to me for the first time after a maelstrom of emotions capsized my emotional balance.

I answer, "I'm fine rusticating in my comfort zone".

The conscience remark, "Well and good, hope your enjoying your stay there." and give me a strange look. Her eyes showed me an image that looks like an older version of me.

The image of the woman shows disgust and apathy, she's more of a machine than of a human.

"Who is she?" I inquire disturbingly.

"Didn't you recognize her?" conscience answer in  disbelief.

"Eh, No?" I answer. "Well she looks like me, but not me. She's older and looks hateful. I am sure that's not me." I add, reassuringly.

"I see, well do you want to meet her?"say the conscience. "Why would I? I retort.

"Isn't it your goal to help troubled people?", the conscience remind me.

"Oh, yeah! I almost forgot. Maybe I can help her with something." "I would ask her why she looks hateful and burdened."

"Hmmm, and I can also try fixing her disgusted look by listening to her story." I add excitingly.

The conscience is busy looking for something inside her bag and doesn't seem to listen to what I'm saying.

I was a bit annoyed since she's not listening. I thought she's being dismissive.

I am about to turn my back from her and finish this nonsense conversation, "Aha! I have it." she exclaims, which got my attention.

I curiously come closer to her. She pulls out a mirror in her bag, shows it to me. My mouth opens but no sound comes out. Then I remember, I have not look in the mirror for years.

Photo grabbed from http://baylorbarbee.com/blog/dear-you/

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