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9:11 AM

I haven't been active on this blog ever since "life" consumed me after the bar. A lot has happened since, but it seems it is slipping away from my memories. Like literally, it's hard for me to remember things lately, like mundane things I usually remember, like talking to someone about something, then commenting on something, I remember that it happened but when exactly puzzles me and sometimes it eats me up. Maybe there are a lot of things I want to forget lately? I don't know. Probably, I busied myself for the past months to cope up or trying to fill the void I'm still feeling lately hence my mind is doing its automatic deletion to fill in spaces to all the things at hand.

Anyway, I guess will try to make time, just to scribble all the thoughts I have especially that I am facing a blank wall lately with my own memories. However, it's just so ironic that I was faced again with the same old shit that pushes me to seek solace in writing and blogging way back 2012. Well that's it for now since I need to work on things. Happy to be back. 

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