Ang "Atih" na naging Atty.

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"Stoikiy muzhik" is a Russian word for “a standing man” famously quoted in the movie “Bridge of Spies”. It was a “state of being”, because to be a 'standing man' means a person molded by hard work and persistence. The mantra served as a guide whenever I encounter challenges. Today, I am happy, if not truly grateful to stand and earn the 'dot' that has been my dream since three. But, to stand comes with great responsibility - that is to remain firm despite the heavy burden thrown by life.

As for the people who know my story, nothing was given to me in a silver platter. I have to earn everything - literally and figuratively (juggling the role of being breadwinner and a working student to earn a living, support the family and pursue my dreams). Even my graduation last year was quite a challenge when I had my “Pia Wurtzbach” moment. So when a friend called me the other day congratulating me minutes before the actual bar result announcement (since she happens to have a friend in SC), I hesitated to let friends and family who are anxiously waiting know that I have already pass the bar exam. Mahirap na uso ang blunders with the “Na-Colombia” and Na-“Oscars” moment and na-trauma ata ako sa graduation ko last year.

So yeah, ayun medyo matagal nag-sink in, medyo awkward pa ngang matawag na “atty” (I cringed) but eto na yun. I victor because I remain standing, because I believed, and I keep the faith kay Lord (Siya talaga yun). I know this is not the end but the start of a new journey but in my heart I shall remain standing especially to things that shall glorify Him. 

This is also a “shout out” to friends and co-barristers who have not make it yet. It will be painful, and I don’t have the right to say that I know what you are feeling right now because I really don’t but we are here for you. It is not the end of the world at least literally, but just like the “standing man”, we always have a choice to remain standing or to give it all up. “Defeat is a choice, and so is victory, you are only beaten when you decide” sabi nga sa Tekken movie. So it is within your power to rise up to the challenge (again) because you and I know that it will be worth it in the end. (Sa hirap ba naman ng pinag-daanan natin as law students). So my unsolicited advice is to sit for a moment, rest if you must, because the battle was really tiring, but stand and have faith because the victory and blessings will always double, tested yan especially sa mga kaibigan kong nanatiling nakatayo (idol kayo!). Tapos kakantahan ko kayo ng “Rise” ni Katy Perry next year. Char! 

P.S. Since nagdrama na din naman ako lulubusin ko na. I would like to take this opportunity na magpasalamat sa kapamilya at mga kaibigan na sumuporta as in. If nakakapagod ng tumayo, nandyan kayo para masandalan (yes nemen!). Actually, ang kulang dun sa reference sa standing man sa bridge of spies is the recognition of invisible people or those behind the scene that supported the man to stand and I can say that I am not alone in this battle. Salamat sa nag-pahotel at nagpakain sa akin during the bar, and all the people and mentors who believed in me and gave me their moral support. Salamat! 

P.P.S. Sa mga magpapalibre po, hinay-hinay lang po muna, hahaha naging abugado lang po, di po nanalo sa lotto. Char! Hahahaha SALAMAT PO LORD! SALAMAT SA LAHAT! 

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