Homeostatic Mechanism

10:56 AM

While I'm trying to fix my life while cleaning my desk at home, I had some reflection on the recent decision I made in my life - that is choosing uncertainty over comfort. Uncertainty because I ventured in a totally new work environment where I will be back to zero and be a nobody than the comfort of being a right hand of an official of a very critical government agency. Although "comfort" is an overstatement, the tasks in my current work are no joke and critical but as regards of having the confidence of doing work, I don't anymore need to prove myself because I have already proven it to my boss. This is where the longing for a new challenge comes in and I wonder if it is a natural trait of a human being. Then I remember the book of Dan Ariely, "The Upside of Irrationality".

One of the chapters of the book tackled the topic "The Meaning of Labor". In this chapter he explores a very debated concept of incentive vs. purpose of work which drives a person  to do his labor. Then I come across the concept of "Homoestatic mechanism", this originates from the concept of Homeostasis which refers to the "ability, present in all living organisms, of continuously maintaining certain functional variables within a range of values compatible with survival." Ariely points out that we all have a "visceral need for goal completion" which explains why we choose sometimes suffering than comfort. It gives the very purpose of labor, of working for something meaningful. The more harder it took us to finish the tasks, the more positive effect it has in our person.

For me, it all boils down to your motivation, mine is the constant need to learn something new of getting a piece of the puzzle in every field and trying to see the big picture of whatever it is. I know it is dangerous, but I can't help myself but to search the infinite abyss. I always have a feeling that I am searching for something unknown and if I unveiled it, then I felt I have completed it. I have to agree that people have really a visceral need for goal completion because I have that in me most of the time.

Anyway, this blogpost is kinda boring, it is just me talking to myself or escaping really the task at hand - cleaning my room. Haha I do hope that my goal to clean the room will be completed. I need some homeostasis right now. :p


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