1:56 AM

Oh well I guess the pressure is on me already and I can't explain how it's kind of freaking me out. I think I've been through a lot lately, decisions that need to be made, feelings that need to be tamed and challenges that need to be faced - bar exams and life in general.

I guess I just need to remind myself that it's totally okay not to be okay cause I'm really not feeling okay right now. Probably just hormonal or maybe because still infected with this f*ckn flu. Plus the weather is really not helping right now, it's making me emotional. It's also been almost two weeks since I sort of and was partly freed from the bondage or slavery - that is work,  but I guess haven't really made a big progress so far. Backlogs are still backlogs, my books still piled up on my desk and I am slightly panicking. I know I'll get by and I just need to go through this process of being the "drama queen" and an asshole (probably not to that extent). I don't know, maybe I need a break from the social media because it's kinda eating me out too. The last thing I want is to be a pain in the ass to my friends. They have been very helpful. Ok. well guess this is hormonal. I am OK! (repeat till convince). Maybe I just need another me to cheer me up, I guess? Arggh. Sorry, it's 2 am and I'm no longer myself.

P.S. Yeah sorry about the drama, I will be ok because I have faith. I guess I really just need to get through to this process. It's process man, you know what I'm sayin? Don't judge please. 

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