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7:43 AM

This is not a rant post but rather an observation. It has always been the truth I learned throughout the years and still overwhelms me whenever I encountered it. In fact, I had been writing it as one of the bitter realities I learned of life. It is this,

"No matter how you have put your heart, passion and perseverance in your work, don’t expect others to appreciate you. The good things that you have done will always be put in vain by selfish people."

I thought of sharing this so others will also be guided and will not be frustrated whenever they have done something good and also expects something good in return. The life lesson the we should first learn is "life is unfair" and this is one of its manifestation. We must accept that this is reality and life on earth means dealing with realities.

Whenever you experience this, take the higher road and instead of being frustrated by this, start counting your blessings.  There is more to life than these people. There is always a higher justice which is far from our hands and He made these things so we will realize the harshness of life whenever we thought of doing bad things. It makes you think twice whenever you want to give in because you know the feeling of these frustrations. If you have a greater faith, always choose the good thing because that will only stop the hatred and it will start to create a cycle of good vibes and karma.

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