Films to watch during crazy times

3:43 PM

So over the week, I was nursing a flu, got my period and the weather has been terrible. Like really terrible that it got into my nerves. So I was like, flu + period + weather = breakdown. Yep! It awoken the drama queen again.

Being the couch potato myself, my only way to recover was to binge-watch films. Totally random films. Well guess what?! I had a total of four just overnight. Out of the four, two were total crap, well to put it nicely it's predictable. What was nice about this exercise is I got to search really good films and can't help but to share it here.

Celeste and Jesse Forever (2012)

Well the film got me crying. Huhu not an ugly cry though. I really blame it to the weather. The story is about Celeste and Jesse (well obviously!) *sarcasm alert. Played by Andy Sandberg and Rashida Jones (can I just say that she really looks like Maja Salvador. Looove those eyes). The two were best buds in the universe and they really got along and known each others since forever, not until they were married and got into a lot of fights that both of them decided to separate ways and divorced. They thought that being friends is better for them. Things were going smoothly when one of them decided to move on for reals. Oh, well the film feels so real, you know those films that will really make you examine relationships? Like all kinds of relationship and discovering something within yourself? Here's the teaser and you have to watch it yourselves.

Liberal Arts (2012)

See that? I know right? That was the initial premise of the film before it all started .Liberal arts is "THE FILM" I'm really craving for in this world full of shit. See what I did there? Haha. Perfect film for what I've been going through now. Liberal arts made me feel that having these episodes is totally normal because you know "adulting" and reminding myself that I actually got a new degree, hence the increasing sorrow. LOL. Naah. 

The film has a great ensemble, from cameo to supporting actors. The plot revolved around to the character of Josh Radnor as Jesse Fisher (oh come to think of it, two movies with two Jesse's) who is caught between the adulthood and the past when he relive his memories attending the retirement party of his favorite prof in college. He had a random encounter with students -  Zibby (Elizabeth Olsen) whom he had a "romantic" stint, with Dean whom he shared his interest in reading Wallace's Infinite Jest and Nat (Zac Efron), a totally random student at the university with super indie and weird vibes. 

"The purpose of fiction was to combat loneliness", Jesse to Dean. For all the bookworms and kinda "geeky" this film is for you. 

Here's the teaser. I know that I should be reading lawschool stuff right now but my soul needs this during these crazy times. Enjoy watching! 

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