4:02 PM

Succumbing to the loneliness. The hole of emptiness is slowly growing in my heart. It's been a while since my fingertips touched the keys that translate what my mind is telling me and what my heart is dictating.

Weariness that cannot wear off has been the drama of my life for the last three months. I also have to deal with people whom I thought I'm friends with but it seems I have assumed too much.

Self-doubt has also crippled my growth. Happiness can't be squeezed in my entirety and I feel like a wave moving all over the place with no direction just following where the wind leads it to.

Inspirations were also in drought and I can't find oasis in the middle of the dessert. I'm on the hot seat now, again in the cross roads of searching for my personal legend as Coelho puts it.

But as a warrior in every journey, these trials are all normal. "This too shall pass" has always been the mantra and I am shaking everything off even the people that is sucking every positive ions in me.

I have a strong urge of shutting everything and everyone off. But not now, maybe sooner. I've never felt so indifferent to people for years.


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