"Change is cunning"

8:52 AM

My social media account/s have been bombarded by a lot of hate posts/comments brought about by the upcoming elections. I will also cast my vote on May 9, although I am still undecided for my President, but I will definitely go for Leni for Vice-President.

At the start of the race, I have a candidate I'm rooting for. I want a more inclusive development that will provide and cater more services and projects to the countryside, I put my initial bet to someone that will make history as the first president coming from the outside boundary of "Imperial Manila" and Luzon - well aside from Carlos P Garcia and Sergio Osmena, who, both just succeeded to the presidency and Manuel Roxas, who were all from Visayas. As a striving development worker, I had interactions with a lot of people from the countryside. I met people with aspirations, "cliche" as it seems, of having a better country and a better Philippines. With that, my passion for pushing for reforms was intensified.

I believe that everyone of us are catalysts in our own way hence "change" is always inviting. But then, I had a sudden realization, that "change is cunning", it does not always equates to something good. It has two sides - "for better" or "for worse" and I don't want to be blinded by such promise. I had to be careful because it is a double-edged word which might result to two different outcomes. Hence, I thought, I always have a choice and "no choice" is always an option. I don't want my principles to be compromised and be conned by "change".

To be honest, I am still an undecided voter, I may or may not shade the ultimate blank at the top of my ballot. I was just disappointed because I never thought that this election can really bring out the worse in us. This election actually speaks more of how we are as a nation, reactive but never critical, emotional but impassive to the rights of others, passionate yet indifferent, reformists but impatient, righteous yet always choosing the path of instant gratification. We always choose pride rather than humility, fighting rather than understanding and disbanding rather than cooperating.

I hope we can realize that the enemy is beyond the election. They are poverty, corruption, lack of opportunities and the like. Let us imagine that the Philippines is our boat and we are 'rowers' and yet we rowing at different directions, arguing on who is rowing at the right or the wrong direction not noticing that other boats have already come passed us, nearing the island where their people can already find comfort and safety from the punishing waves of the ocean.

Bottomline: Let our passion from posting and answering every hate comments with another hate comments tranforms into a passion of serving and doing something for our country and countrymen, respecting each others opinion and position on the issue is one of those. Let us find comfort and safety in each other. Maybe that is the change that we all need - behavioural and perspective change.

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