Ghost stories

12:29 AM

Darkness fills my world, trying to get rid of all the light of hope that sparks every time I look into your eyes. Killing myself everyday with thoughts of what could have been. 

I distance myself far from you so far that I have been through hell just to get away. I burnt and hurt myself in the process. I ran in the never-ending circle. I got tired and decided to let the chains that is holding me back go. 

But being free is scarier, as scary as a quagmire that is slowly swallowing you in the world of doubt and rejection. Alas! I have taken the first step and there is no salvation. I will allow this monster to die a natural death hoping it will not be resurrected. But we all have that ghost that is haunting us every night, mine are the skeletons inside the closet. Silence! And now I hear the creaking door sound...

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