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8:49 AM

I miss my old self. I don't know what happened but somewhere along the way I felt that I was like a candle slowly melting beyond recognition. They say people don't change. I believe so too, but it evolves, it may either be a better or a lesser version of its former form but the core parts and function are still the same.

I remember the book I have read about the experience of one of South Korea's most successful global brand, LG. Their principle? "If it ain't broke, tear it down and rebuild it."

I ain't broke. Most humans too, regardless of the storms called life struggles we still function the same. We eat, we move, we work, we communicate, we solve, and we all rest. Although humans may have different ways of dealing and performing its functions, the essentials are still there. I don't know if I am making any sense here, but my point is, I guess to deal with my problem is to "science the sh*t out of this" as Mark Watney puts it. I guess I need tUpo apply the tear-down-rebuild-principle to myself. I felt I am all over the place these days that cluttered my mind lately. Like a machine, we are also prone to ordinary wear and tear, hence I felt exhausted. Really exhausted that I felt exhaustion becomes part of me. Okay that was an overstatement.

So how does this this tear-down-rebuild-principle works? Well I guess just need time and space for myself, to rethink of my ways of performing my function as a human being. I might missing some bolts, or some bolts put too much pressure on some of the parts hence the need for re-adjustment, or may be some needs to be change. In short, will probably need a little hauling and just relaunch myself in a new version. Version 2.0 perhaps? Even software nowadays changes so fast, hence humans too.

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