Complacency kills

11:46 PM

I thought I can already ace fourth year law since since I only have review classes but I guess not. This week's midterm exams made me realize that I'm not ready yet and I still have a lot of things and areas to improve. Even the manner of my studying is becoming ineffective, my retention rate also decreases and it really frustrates me.

Well it's a good thing that I realized it sooner. I guess I become arrogant in terms of how I study, thinking that since I already encountered these topics, the recall will follow. However, whenever a friend ask me tough/tricky questions I will realize that I really did not understand what I have read. I can't even explain simple terms. The understanding is only at the surface, enough to crossover and survive for the meantime. Well I really need to overcome this, but the question is how. Huhu. For now I will sleep on it, hoping to find answers tomorrow. I guess I have lost the tenacity to study and instead what is left is complacency which kills me. So help me God.

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