Strolling the streets of Intramuros with basic photography

10:47 AM

So I've been lucky that they offered free photography workshop in the office. We were taught of some basic photography skill. Not so technical just five simple tips.

1. Hold the camera at the object level - it means don't be afraid to sit on the ground just to capture that photo!
2. Pay attention to the background - remember that your photo is still you canvass, it's your design on what to include and not to include in your frame.
3. Rule of thirds - There are three parts of your photo, always try to put your subject in the middle part.
4. Get close - don't be afraid to fill the frame with your subject.
5. Reveal small details.

There are some lectures on the ISO and some technicality but since I don't own a DSLR, I will just remember these 5 simple tips and wait for the decisive point in photography. Here's sample of my photos taken by my Olympus Stylus SP-820UZ camera with 40x zoom. :)

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