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9:56 AM

A homeless girl is standing outside a prestigious school.  She is very careful not to call the attention of the guard as well of the students who are neatly dressed by their school uniforms. She eyes the children with envy and wonder how it feels be a privileged and "learned" and going to school every and study.

"I hope I will have opportunity to learn someday. To study the books they carry." she said.

In her reverie, she walks away but only to bumped into a tall man who is wearing an eyeglasses and carrying an attache case. The man appears to be an authority from school, a teacher based from her observation. 

"Oh my child, what are you doing here?" he said. 

Afraid of being caught, she moved instantly attempting to run but tripped into something. 

The teacher immediately helped the child to stand, "why are you running?" "Oh, you have hurt yourself, looked at your knees, it's bleeding." The teacher pulled out a handkerchief in his pocket and wrapped it on the child's knees. 

The girl started to cry, and in between said, "I'm sorry, I was afraid that you'll exposed me to the guards, I just wanted to observe other children here who are learning their way in order to succeed in life". 

A warm smile is drawn into the teacher's face. "Come here my child, let me teach you something since you are very eager to learn."

They sit on the the bench near the gate. "What did you learn from what happened to you back there?" the teacher asked. 

"I have learned no not panic and to rush into a conclusion or I might hurt myself?", the child answered. 

"So what are you saying that you have not learned your way through life?" the teacher further asked. 

A blank stare from the child still looking confuse. 

"The only difference of learning inside the school is you are learning your lessons first before you are being tested. As for your case, you are being tested first, but still you learn the lessons afterwards."

"In any case, you will still learn your way through life, the only difference is the method being applied." the teacher added.

The child smiled in awe.

Photo courtesy of http://static.communitytable.parade.com/

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