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In one small town, a fool decided to challenge the sun and threatened it not to rise.

In his quest to defeat the sun, he climb the highest mountain before sunrise. Up in the mountain, he shouted towards the sky, "I command you Sun not to shine." 

The fool waited in the cold mountain with nothing to see but pitch dark sky. Few hours later, his surroundings starts to come to life. The flowers bloom and exude its beauty from the rays of the sun that touches it. The grass shines and gives a warm feeling to the cold mountain. As expected, the sun still shines. The fool feeling undefeated, run down the mountain. He ran until he reaches his small house in the town. 

When the fool reached his house, he locked it, closed all the windows and fill in all the holes where the rays of the sun still passes through. Then the room was filled with darkness. 

The fool sat in the corner and laughed so hard. "I defeated the sun, it did not rise today!", he exclaimed.

Note: The story was part of the homily delivered by Father Ramon from St. Gabriel Parish in Marikina Heights

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