7:15 AM

The plane was bound somewhere near the pacific. It was past midnight and most passengers were sound asleep. Suddenly, an unexpected turbulence hits the plane, making the ride a bit shaky and uncomfortable. At first, the crowd seems calm, but tensions starts to build up when lighting disturbed the quiet sky. A loud rumbling follows, which draws panic to the faces of most passengers.

"We are sorry for the turbulence, we just got information that the storm in the pacific is slowly intensifying. We will try our best to make your ride comfortable and safe." announced the pilot.

While scenarios and worry faces occupy most passengers, one child sits comfortably playing his ipad, without any trace of fear. A curious passenger beside him asked, "Child, are you not afraid that the plane will crash at this rate?"

The child looked at him, slightly confused. "Why? Is there anything to be afraid of?", answered the child.

"Don't you see, the plane might crash?", said the adult.

"Oh, yeah, said the child, don't worry, it will not crash," the kid interjected.

"My father is the pilot of this plane, I know we are safe.", the child added.

Credits to the owner of the photo


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