Bitten by Sam Smith's bug

11:00 PM

I am aware that since last year a lot of people are already going gaga over Sam Smith. My response is always like, k. Haha. My first encounter with Sam Smith was when a friend in Facebook posted a youtube link which has a caption "he had the best version of Whitney Houstons' s How will I know". I was not sold since I really love the original version so much and I love it more when Kuya Paulie sang it during our we-dont-care-we-want-to-sing moment in Korea. Haha To be blunt, I kinda feel annoyed after watching the video since he reminds me of the specific gay person I hate. (Don't get me wrong I love gay people) So yeah, I resisted and did not even attempt to listen to his songs in Spotify. (I am personal like that LOL) 

Oh well, but since my friend kyemeruth put his album in our shared folder in dropbox, plus the fact that my sister is also crazy about him, I asked my sis to put it on my playlist. 

I tried listening to his album, but I guess I'm resistant to his "magic"; well not until today. Ok, so here's what happened, after hours of reviewing for my midterms exams (I was reviewing tax today) and while on my way home, I decided to listen again to his album as relatively he has this soothing sound that will somehow relieve my stress. Then, voila, the song "Like I can" played, I'm an instant fan! 

Here's the song:

I don't know what got my interest, may be the upbeat sound, but yeah, I was bitten by Sam Smith's bug to the point of inspiring me to write a blog post dedicated to him. Haha. 

Runners-up are:

1. Lalala
2. Restart
3. Money on my mind
4. I'm not the only one

Hmm, I also have thoughts of watching his concert. Hope it's still available and affordable and he will not leave me brokenhearted like what Ed Sheeran did. Chos! :)

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