New year, new skill: Fashion Accessories making

6:50 PM

I promised myself that I will learn new things for this year and be more productive. Actually I was about to enter a fashion school to learn jewelry making. However, due to budgetary constraint plus the fact that I am still studying law and working at the same time, I was not able to. Anyway, I believe it is still with the spirit and I am always a believer of the motto "if there's a will, there's a way". In addition, I believe that you can't learn everything in school, creativity is innate and unique to everyone so therefore I'm gonna learn fashion accessories by hook or by crook. (LOL)

With all information available already in the net, I've done my research on how to start my project. So first thing's first, you need to have the tools and the materials to start. So today, I went to the famous Villalobos in Quiapo to buy the materials. The level of my enthusiasm heightened with all the things that I saw. Hahaha. It was a fashion accessories haven. So instead of using my money in enrolling in a fashion school, I spent it in buying these beads and materials relevant to accessories making.

Beads and materials from different stores in Villalobos, Quiapo Manila

I was so excited to do my first accessories and it was successful! Learning new skill was indeed awesome! 

My first DIY accessories

So expect more designs here! The finish products will be offered for sale in our online store Burloloy! :)


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