Movie Review: 38th MMFF Movies 2012

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I saw a poster of Life of Pi already showing in Philippine theaters tomorrow, which reminds me that today the 38th Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) is officially closed. This year's MMFF is significant for me, not because of the films but because of my complimentary pass courtesy of our friends in MMDA! With this, I was able to watch the all the eight (8) movie entries.

38th MMFF Movie entries

My Picks

Ok, before I gave my opinion on the matter, I just want to post a disclaimer. First, I am not an expert as regards to these things especially the cinematography and anything technical about films so I will not touch on that. Second, I am rating the films as an average reasonable person who likes to watch films both foreign and local. Lastly, don't judge me! LOL hahahha. 


One More Try

The film is not-your-ordinary-filipino-film-except-for-the-ending since it explored a new concept or a fresh story. It may be not ordinary Filipino film because there are rumors that the screenplay was not original and copied from a film from China (hahaha). Well anyway, still I like how the film was executed, it was not dragging and all the scenes were relevant. What I particularly like was how the prologue of the film was shown in just 10 seconds I think. For me, it was brilliant. (I am dense like that). 

Runner up: Sosy problems


Scenes from the Sosy Problems movie
Sosy Problems

Sosy problems tackles about what is considered 'off-limits'. Off-limits I say because they indeed discuss the disparity of classes in the Philippines from the poorest of the poor to the 'Super-duper-upper-class'. As the Philippine Economy already booming, the middle class is already rising thus, the rise of the so called 'conyos'. Let's admit it, even the lifestyle column in inquirer reflects the conyo problems, (remember that jeepney thing?) it only shows that they are also humans having their own problems. We should not discriminate rich people for the reason that they are rich. They are just living within their means. It's just sad that the director was not really able to finish the film, there was no closure and it was pretty obvious that the ending part was rushed. 

Runner up: Sisterakas


Scenes from the Movie, Thy womb
Thy Womb

I know the film was critically acclaimed internationally and bagged a lot of awards, but really the filmed made me crazy. I even questioned my capacity of understanding. Hahaha. After I watched the film I was like what? is that it, is it the end? No offense meant, I like the color and the vibe of the film, but it was the story and how the scenes were executed that made me disturbed. It was not coherent!!! It was only a day after I watched the film that brings me to understanding (my own interpretation for my own peace of mind) that maybe Nora Aunor really represents the Philippine Government having a peace negotiation shown by the scenes where the spouses were finding negotiator to find Bembol's new wife who will give him a daughter/son. The daughter/son in the film for me represents the desire of our brothers in Mindanao to be free and separated and have their own government (the baby in the film is the condition of Lovi Poe to Bembol Roco to cut his ties with his wife Nora). 


Scenes from the Movie, El Presidente
El Presidente

I thought that this would be my favorite film for this season, but I was wrong. Tsk. Thanks to the awful casting of the film. Like seriously? Jorge Estregan (ER Ejercito) Aguinaldo? I also hate some of the fight scenes, some are like 'away-kantong-bugbugan-lang'. Although there are good points, like the acting of Baron Geisler, and Cesar Montano. Before this film, I am really not fond of Aguinaldo, and after watching it, I ended up hating Aguinaldo more. It was a hey-people-don't-you-recognized-me-im-the-first-president-of-this-republic-and-i-did-good-ok. Now I know why our country is like this, because it started wrongly. (I'm sorry but this is how I felt after watching the movie) 

Runner up: Si Enteng, Si Agimat at Ako 



Scenes from the Movie, Sisterakas
I loved the film. Hahaha. It's hilarious, but that's just it. It's a collage of all the commercial endorsements and all the past roles of the three leas roles. Nothing new, and the concept was copied from the Devil Wears Prada film. But in general, I was entertained. So so. 


Shake Rattle and Roll 16 (The invasion) 

Ok, thanks to the complimentary pass. But without it, I will really kill myself for watching this. The SRR should really be scared of the quality of the movies they make. I hope not to see them in the next MMFF. Sorry. 


The Strangers

It was already given. I hope they did not make it so obvious to the people. Another disappointment. Sayang ang appearance ni Enchong. 


Scenes from the Movie, Enteng Kabisote
Si Enteng, Si Agimat at si Ako

No story, poor screenplay, poor execution, and even Jose and Wally did not make me laugh this time. 


Scenes from the Movie, One more try

Angel Locsin (One More Try)

I think Angel master the art of underacting, no shouting but the act was compelling. For me, she was really a convincing mother here. 

Runner up: Nora Aunor, Rhian Ramos


Angelica Panganiban (One More Try) 
You know that a villain is indeed a villain when you would really hate her and I indeed hate her in the film. 

Runner up: Lovi Poe (Thy Womb)


Enchong Dee, The strangers

Enchong Dee (The Strangers)

Seriously, Enchong deserves a more convincing and compelling role than the Strangers. 

Runner-up: Nora Aunor, Christopher De Leon, Cesar Montano, (El Presidente), Judy Ann Santos (Enteng)


Kris Aquino (Sisterakas)

Ateng Kris matakot ka na talaga so friendship ni Vice and ni Ai (read using Krissy's tone). 

Runner up: Enchong Dee (The Strangers)


Vice Ganda (Sisterakas) 

Let's give it to Vice, his costumes were really good and fashionable in the movie. I really love all the accessories worn in Sisterakas. 

Runner Up: Girls of Sosy Girls, Angelica Panganiban (One more try) 


Daniel Matsunaga

Walang kinalaman sa acting to. It's just my gay instinct! LOL! :) 

So that caps off my movie review for the 38th MMFF! I really hope to get another complimentary pass next year! Hello to friends in MMDA. Hahaha

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  1. I watched this Movie and i really enjoyed a lot. Superb and Thumbs up!


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