Goodbye to the dancing dragon

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New year and new hope!!! A new book of life is about to unfold this year with 2013 already smiling at us. We already bid goodbye to the dancing dragon and this year it's gonna be the changing snake who will ride to colorful journey of life. But before the book of the dancing dragon closed, I just want to look back to the previous year that really taught me a lot of lessons in life. It's full of opportunity, success, a little bit of misery but meaningful in general. I felt that the dragon year had really tested my courage and my spirit to the fullest. Well as they say its all's well that ends well.  

My first out of the country experience

This was really unexpected and I can't believe that the first will be my dream country KOREA!

12th IAEC, Changwon, Korea

Namsam Tower and Coffee Prince Trip with Minhee and Jimin 
Streets of Hyewa, Korea

Gyeongbokgung Palace, Korea

Fascinating local trips

The perks of working with cities of the Philippines

Java Hotel, Laoag City

La Paz, Ilocos Norte
Sand dunes

Museo Ilocos Norte, Laoag City
Puerto Princesa City, Philippines

Surviving lawschool life

Not with flying colors but luckily I'm still with San Beda, hopefully up until next year and to graduate as bedan.

My 2k and 3b blockmates

Fashion Accessories business

and the highlight of this year was being able to establish our own business with Ann Perreras as our Chief Finance Officer (CFO) and Emy Ruth Gianan as our Creative Director (CD) LOL I just invented those titles but we are all the BOSS of our own fashion accessories business. Visit our facebook page Perky Burloloy.

We also happened to join two (2) bazaars organized by the Orangee Productions in Mercato Centrale and Manda Cetrale. This is really a dream come true and the only thing in my 2012 list I was able to achieve. Hahaha.

Burloloy @Mercato Centrale, BGC The Fort

Burloloy @ Manda Centrale, Greenfield District Mandaluyong City

So there! Finally I am closing the 2012 book and bidding the dragon goodbye!

Welcome 2013!

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