DOT's new TVC: It's more fun in the Philippines

4:31 PM

I have attended a forum recently where the talks focused on the mutual cooperation between the Korea and the Philippines as regards tourism as an economic driver for growth. I just want to highlight the Tourism status in the Philippines. Relatively, it is still the domestic tourist that boost Philippine Tourism. According to Undersecretary Daniel Corpuz, who was a speaker in the forum, in 2010 domestic tourism accounts for 27.10 million travelers with an average 4.4 vacation days while the international visitors is still pegged at 3.9 million visitors, Koreans having the greatest in numbers. 

Although domestic tourism is booming, encouraging international tourism should still be focused upon, since for me, this will not only boost tourism but it will also open a gateway for the Philippines to be an investment  hub in Asia. So in order to accomplish these plans, the Department of Tourism came up with a new Audio Visual Presentation that I hope will be disseminated in order to promote our country. The views is still at 100k, and really hope this will go viral. Never mind the "stereotyped" audio, let's just focused on the content which I really love. So here it is! 

I was privileged to visit a lot of places already in the Philippines and I just noticed that I haven't blog about them yet. So for my next entries, I might feature some of my past travels putting Philippine tourist places in the spot light! So there spread the word and let's help boost and promote our beloved country!

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