Is it the end of the world?!

10:53 AM

You may say I'm crazy, but there is a tinge of feeling inside me that yearns for the world to end. Haha Weird huh?! But my adrenalin rushes just from the idea of it actually happening. But I guess it's not only me who actually looks forward to it, there are a lot of us and I am telling you, it's not being pessimistic, but rather it's a silent wish that when the world ends, a new world begins. As they say, the "end is just the beginning". 

But just in case, the world indeed end on 21 December 2012? Are you really prepared? Hmm, tough question, and I am not really sure if I am really prepared for it, but aren't you all excited on how you will act during the last hour or day of your life, at least you were a given a chance to live right? As a human and not cockroach. It only matters when you live your life as a cockroach and not as a human.

Well, just to scare some nerves, I am suggesting you to watch this video, a documentary of the doomsday! Hihi try it just for fun! :p 

The doomsday! LOL 

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