7:45 PM

I came from a very far place, I was tired, exhaustion was an understatement of what I felt that day. "Rest and sleep" were the words that my mind was shouting. I was ready to get to the usual routine, until I saw someone, a person whom I see only in my dreams. I walked towards the hallway and I thought, maybe I was really in my sleep and this was just another episode of my lucid dreaming tendencies, then the person gave me a smile. I was stunned, I felt I was under the "stupified" spell of the boy-who-lived. Ah! This is really lucid dreaming. A dream within a dream.

As I ride on with the adventure of the dreamer, I uncuffed myself of my self-imposed chains of fears. I smiled back and I know this was going to be a sweet dream. I never thought that we will be able to connect in this world that I have created.The barriers that I thought will separate us, became a bridge for me to discover more of myself.

... I saw you sleeping, and then I told myself, maybe I should wake up since you are already tired of accompanying me in this world that I have created for us. I wake you up, you were startled, and my plan to wake up myself was postponed. I checked my own self, hoping, that I can still endure of maintaining this dream.

But then, dreams are short, the periods cannot be extended as its time to bid goodbye. You offered an ice cream, not those ordinary ice cream but the one in cones, your ice cream. I saw you tasted it and felt it. Your eyes were sparkling, I had a feeling that you have read my mind when you shared with me your ice cream. Again, you put me on your spell, I don't know what to do, will I accept it? But, this is transient. That's when I woke up. A dream indeed.


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  1. Poetic. Sheeeet. Hahahahahaha :P

  2. Read it again. This time in between the lines. Hahaha. Sheeet poetic talaga. :D :P


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