I have God for my Finals!

7:56 PM

I am really anxious for my finals. Also, I am quite busy with work, for our upcoming Executive Board meeting. Haven't read any review materials yet as I am still finishing my paper for my legal counselling, I still have work due tomorrow. I have a lot of reasons to cram, but, I opted not too, cramming will only make things worst. This is tried and tested. As an alternative, I am now drinking black tea rather than coffee which will only worsen my nerves. I just rested from writing my paper, and checked God's message for me on Facebook. I can't help but share it here, this is one of the most beautiful message that I have received. I know that I will be guided well for my finals because I have God, I just have to trust Him and do my part by giving it my best. Thank you God! I will be great for You Lord and I will indeed share it to others! Thank you so much for the inspiration! :) 

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