San Beda Law School tops the 2011 Bar Examinations

7:49 AM

The 2011 bar exam result totally made me a proud bedan! Imagine the 96.55% passing rate with two (2) bar topnotchers! Indeed, the changes in the bar exam produced a good result with a total of 1,913 out of 6200 (31%)  law graduates who passed last year’s Bar exams that featured for the first time multiple-choice questions. Although San Beda didn’t bagged the top notch (Congratulations to Raoul Angelo Atadero of Ateneo Law School for being the top 1) , the San Beda Law school on the other hand outnumbered all universities bagging the top spot in terms of school performance with a passing rate of 96.55% out of 155 bedan law students (112 came from Mendiola while 43 were from Alabang). On aside, I am just particularly appalled by the misinformation from the media tagging Ateneo Law School as the top school for this year.

Also, I am just quite irked when people make it a big deal that no one from UP topped the bar. I have a lot of friends from UP, and not topping the bar is not the real measure of success. Anyone can top the bar regardless of your university because there are really individuals who are innately exceptional. What needs to be focused upon on the other hand is the capacity of these universities to help fulfill the dreams of aspirant lawyers enrolled to them. In fact, when we talked about school performance, for 2011 bar exam, Ateneo Law School only placed at the third spot having 92% passing rate and UP in the second with 94%.

Talking about being exceptional is another Bedan who caps off the top 10, Mr. Rodolfo Aquino from San Beda Alabang. I am just so proud of him, and indeed he is really an inspiration for those aspirants who have set aside their ultimate dream for some reasons. He proved that there is no expiration date in fulfilling your dreams. He indeed achieved it with flying colors!

I hope I will also top the bar 2-3 years from now! (another wishful thinking hahaha!)


That in All Things God May be Glorified. U.I.O.G.D

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  1. heelo po..tanong ko lang po kung totoo ung naririnig ko na "mapulitika" s san beda--na kelangan png sumali s isang frat/soro/confrat pra pumasa at hdi pagtripan ng mga prof??? salamat po

    1. There is no truth na kelangan mo sumali ng any frat to pass or to remain in San Beda... I myself is not a member of any organizations in San Beda, but I still remain and in fact I'm on my third year na. I have blockmates during first year na member ng frat pero it did not help them to stay in San Beda because they failed to meet the QPI. and for the politics.. there is always politics in school in some ways. :)

  2. That’s awesome! I knew it will rank on top. I also keep myself a lot very busy in practicing LSAT Sample Questions because I wish to become a successful lawyer one day but for now I wish to study from here. My uncle is an alumnus and he is one of the best lawyers we have around in town now.


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