It's Friday and I'm Free

11:34 PM

I am actually a T.G.I.F lover, not the restaurant (although I love their food) but the day of Friday! However, since school semester has not yet ended, I am still deprived of my Fridays! *sad face. But today was different since our professor has an out of town appointment and today I am free as a bird!

So since today is a "Freeday", I decided to dress up to feel good! I was actually late in office being undecided of what to wear. My first choice was a Zara top that I fortunately bought in Ukay-Ukay, but I am not comfortable since I can't find a good piece to pair it with. Again, when I am left with no choice, I just grab a pair of white top. So today I decided to just be simple. 

(Top: Marc O' Polo bought in a thrift shop)
 (Pants: Solo)
(Shoes: Blue turquoise flats by So Fab)
(Bag: Blue native bag accessorized with polka blue scarf)
I really love the simplicity of my outfit today, it's comfy and light. I also decided to have blue as my accent today, that is why I used a blue handbag paired with my blue shoes. I also decided to put on a blue dangling earrings which I bought together with Emy in Vente store. 

But I think what made the total look is the necklace that I have bought in Girl Shoppe! I really love the necklace! The moment I saw it, I knew that it belongs to me! (hahahha) Lucky me because it was the last piece when I bought it. 

Necklace: Girl Shoppe
Well, it seems that like my outfit today, the office environment today was also a bit light! I actually had a chance to skip during lunch time to visit the tiangge! 

There you go!! 

Happy weekend everyone! :) 

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