The greatest hits concert (98 degrees, blue and a1): The time space warp concert

10:50 PM

Yesterday was a blast!! My first ever concert was a hit, with the boybands I loved! I felt that I was transported back to my elementary and highschool days. Actually, I was a bit nostalgic to the point that I actually cried during the performance of a1 singing the song same old brand new you.

The moment I have learned that these guys are going back to Manila, I immediately spread the news to my childhood friends, regardless whether we will be tagged as "jologs" because today boybands are just "uncool" thing. I said, "the hell I care" I've missed the westlife concert and I will not dare miss this one, and its really worth it.

Accompanied by Mary Joy and Mary Ann, my BFFs (I'm friends with jui for 13 years now and 10 years with Mean) plus Tracy who is also my friend who came straight from her work at GMA just to watch the show, we were queuing at the Smart Araneta Coliseum at exactly 7:00PM. Unfortunately for me, I was not able to bring the camera of Jui since I borrowed it from her when I went to Laoag, worst, I was not able to charge my phone. I thought, my lapses will ruin our night but since they love me so much (assuming!) they have forgiven me and decided to just reminisce our old days never mind the camera. hahaha

During the concert proper, it was Jeff Timmons who appeared first. His first song was "Because of you". If you don't remember the song I think this lyrics will ring a bell "you're my sunshine after the rain.." Since he is alone, he had South Border backing him up!

The crowd have gone crazy when he sang their greatest hit "I do, cherish you" and picked a girl from the audience to sing with him! (I was so inggit!) LOL

In addition, he sang one of our local song popularized by the Southborder which is the "Rainbow" so I just find it so cool.

After he sang his last song which is my favorite one (Invisible Man), we were guessing who will be the next performer. We were all half-hearted but majority of us wished that it would be Blue because we want A1 to perform last. Unfortunately for us, it was not Blue but A1.

Their opening song was the "Same old brand new you", this was the moment where I literally cried while singing, I really looked like a crazy person and my friends can't help laughing at my "corniness". Hahaha. I really don't know what happen there, maybe I was just too emotional, it's been what? 11 years since they were a hit, and a lot of things had happened to my life since then. (talking bout being emo)

Anyway, the performance of A1 was really superb because they sang all their hits, and I can't believe myself, because, the lyrics just effortlessly came to me. I particularly find it cute when the four of us danced the infamous dance step of their "Ready or Not" song. Actually, I have forgotten the song already, but when the song reached the chorus, we were all dancing like lunatics. If you have forgotten the song, here is the video clip of such with the "dancing".

Aside from their hits, they also sang "Poker Face" and I got a feeling by Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas respectively. Can I just add that Ben Adams just becomes hotter as he aged? Demmit! hahahha

Finally, the last one the Blue!!! I was really rooting for Lee Ryan! Demmit he is so HOT!!! hahahah I have reached the highest octave of my voice shouting " I love you Lee Ryan". My friends this time really laughed so hard, and their doubts on my gender suddenly disappeared. I really danced hard this time. When I said, dance, it was a danced that you can never imagine of me doing (but still in a wholesome way). hahahha

Last comment, I think the "Blue" portion is so "bitin". They missed a lot of their hits "Best in Me" in particular. I think they only sang 5 to 7 songs. :( but I don't care I love Lee Ryan!! :p

I forgot to tell you that we actually have not taken our dinner yet, that is why after the concert, we rushed to the nearest restaurant and we landed at the North Park and ordered a groupie meal good for 5 persons (we were actually three nalang to eat dinner). Imagine our hunger!

To cap off, the concert was superb and it was really like a time space warp!! Two thumbs up! :)

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