It's black on a Sat!

11:01 PM

Hey yeah! It's Saturday! I particularly love this Saturday since I only have one class in the afternoon which is Legal Philosophy under Atty. Rene Saguisag. Also, today is a special day for our block since we are semi-finalist in the Mootcourt Competition which is the reason why we don't have class in Public International Law in the morning.

Despite the fact that we don't have a class in the morning, I still woke up early so I can help Julie, my friend in lawschool, who is also one of our oralist for the mootcourt competition, to prepare herself emotionally, do her make-up and fix her hair. Since I am a very supportive friend (hahaha self-serving statement I know!) I obliged gratuitously. Anyway, for the mootcourt competition, we are required to wear a formal attire, but since I don't know if I will be able to watch the competition becauseI have a class in the afternoon I decided to play it safe and just wear a semi-formal yet chic attire.

Top: Cimbada, Eastwood Tiangge
Leopard Bag: Girl Shoppe
Beaded Necklace: Eastwood Tiangge
Leopard Shoes: Landmark, Trinoma
The black top really gave this outfit a formal twist. When I said semi-formal, the semi pertains to my matching jeans making the overall looked chic. hahaha

Belt: People are people
Cat ring: Eastwood Tiangge
I really love the effect of the necklace over my black top. I bought the necklace in Eastwood tiangge yesterday and presto! I have a cool outfit for today! I also love the fact that it matches my leopard bag.The original price of the necklace was pegged at 200php but I managed to haggle the price to 150php (So sulit!)

My pet Fujira saying bye-bye before I go to school

You can hype the look at my lookbook

Well, we didn't win in the mootcourt competition but still I am happy for my friend Julie because the judges told her that she has the "X-Factor" in mooting! So proud of her.

After my class I went to see my best friend Juijui and while on our way home, we saw this cute little puppy. I will blog about it next time! :)

Ciao! Another fashyown day everyone! :p

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  1. hi, i've read you were under atty saguisag, may i ask how's his grading thanks so much =)


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