Seonmul: The cute little "antuking" puppy

1:22 PM

As promised, I will blog about the new puppy of my best friend Jui Demausa! (Excited much!)

Yesterday, after a failed attempt to use the voucher from Nano's in SM Manila, we just decided to just look around, find some stuffs worthy to buy, eat, go to a thrift shop and go straight home. Our first stop, the Primmadonna store. Jui found a nice pair of shoes but it's a bit pricey and I have not found anything that interests me for us to avail their promo (50% on the second shoes) so we decided to drop it off, besides we are in a "tipid mode". Since we are a bit frustrated, we just ate in the first food establishment that we saw and surprise surprise it's Mc Donalds hahaha. After Mcdo, we just walk around again but since it's very hot and we felt a bit tired already, we just decided to go home. I just withdraw some cash and were out.

To our surprise and unexpectedly, we saw in "bangketa" a couple who are selling puppies! They have a variety of breeds, from Japanese Spitz, to Pomeranian, Shih tzu and Lhasa Apso. Name it I think they all have it. But what appealed to us, especially to Jui, is this cute "batik" half-breed Australian Shepherd and Terrier. I tell you he is really cute! Can you imagine, an Australian shepherd and Terrier in one?

Australian Shepherd

Yorkshire Terrier 

Seonmul: Half Australian Shepherd and Terrier
I told you! He is very cute and he is in fact "malambing". So, since "Tyra Barks" formerly known as Princess, Jui's Shih tzu dog is already in the hands of Emong, and because we both can't resist the charm of the cute puppy that is in front of us, dhe decided to buy it! Hahaha Buti nalang I withdraw some cash and resisted buying stuffs kundi hindi siya mabibili. Hahaha

Seonmul: The antuking puppy
Well, it was a hard giving him a good name. At first Jui gave him "Chinggu" as a name which means "friend" in Korean. My take, it sounds like "tsonggo" hahaha LOL!

So just this morning, I browsed in my Korean Dictionary and came across the word "Seonmul" (pronounced as Sonmul) which means "Gift". So I immediately suggested it to my friend and she agreed. =p 

There! I hope Seonmul and my pet cat Fujira will have some photo session soon! :p

Left: My pet cat Fujira
Right: Jui's puppy Seonmul

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