Love, loss and what I wore short review

5:30 PM

After my midterms, I was enervated. My transpo exam still haunts me. T_T Anyway, it's a good thing that cashcash pinoy, my favorite group buying site offered for sale the "Love, loss and What I wore" play. (Yihaa!) I just want to share that we bought orchestra the tickets at 50% discount. (From 1000php to 500php).

So last night, together with my playdates, Ann Perreras and Emyruth Gianan, we rushed in RCBC Plaza in Makati to watch our much-awaited-first-play-of-the-year! 

Left: Emyruth Gianan Right: Ann Perreras
My ticket
"Love, loss and what I wore" features stories of women from all ages. It juxtaposed the stories of women and their favorite dressed and accessories from their childhood to twilight years. 

The  story revolves around how every piece of clothe has its own story, from bras to the boots. Show shockers includes the "Brides" segment where lesbo relationship was featured. They raised it to a higher place by comparing this kind of relationship to other hetero relationship who are either annulled or divorced.

My favorite part segment was the discussion on women wearing heels. I kinda relate with the dialogue “I could wear heels or think, I choose think.” I have lots of high-heeled shoes but I can't wear it! GRRR! Especially in law school! I don't want a situation where I can't think because my toes are struggling with the shoes! Highly recommended to women of all ages. 

The Cast

The three of us after the show
*Credits to Emyruth for this photo

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