Blessed New Year!

12:09 AM

It's a day where you mostly feel alive. A day that can make you hopeful and optimistic of days to come - that is the new year. It's the most powerful day of the year where you tell (yell) to the universe your will, your goals and your resolutions. It's as if we are being born again - until adulting begins. (Hah! Kidding!) 

My new year this year is quite serene, probably because the surrounding also calls for it literally. It was surprisingly quiet in the neighborhood, I don't know if it was because less people bought firecrackers or the rain prevented them from fully enjoying the year end's tradition. Funny that I was into binge watching for the last two days of 2016, can't help it, that was part of the recovery plan. Soooo tired during the last quarter of 2016 with the bar examinations and a new career in the government, but I'm not complaining, couldn't be thankful enough for all the blessings and miracles that 2016 gave me. Come to think of it, 2016 was really a "roller coaster" for me because of the sudden changes it brought to my life. It was like a "Pia Wurtsbach" feels, from my graduation story and the sudden resignation and sudden opportunity. These sudden transitions are for safe-keep which adds to my already colorful life. 

Soooo for 2017, like everyone I am hopeful. My mantra which made me braver in 2016 will be carried over to 2017 and the life to come because, truly "with God, all things are possible."

Photo not mine

P.S. Rereading this blogpost felt so random without subject, pardon my mind is still on vacation mode. :p 

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