One commute morning...

2:07 PM

Let me share this.

Today, I joined the daily grind as always, nothing new just my everyday routine. I woke up at 5:00AM having the usual fight to separate myself from my bed. I still took a 10-minute power nap in the sofa. I jolted out of my nap as it was already 5:30AM. I was reminded that I need to be at the Shuttle Terminal at 6:00AM so I won't face the hassle of waiting for the 2nd batch of shuttle to arrive at 7:00-7:30AM. You know, commuter problem.

Today was no different, it's just that probably I was at that time of the month,"PMS-ing".

While at the van, snapshots of yesterday's events started to appear. Well, nothing new, I'm  like that, always reflective of events, whether mundane or extra-ordinary. Hmmm yeah, I was just so thankful for a small miracle yesterday. I must admit that I was not able to study for my class yesterday. I just opened my book on my way to school and ended up sleeping on it. I was called for a recitation, and thank God, I was able to pull it off.

In the middle of my wandering, the voice of Fantasia Barrino started to fill my ears, "I believe" was playing on my playlist. I was humming since I can't really sing and make a scene, haha duh, all of the passengers in the backseat of the van were all sleeping. (Thankfully!)

Then the bridge part came...

"I believe in the impossible, if I reach deep within my heart. Overcome any obstacle, won't let this dream just fall apart." You see I strive to be the very best, shine my light for all to see, coz anything is possible, when you believe."

MY GOD! My tears were falling involuntarily and really, I was crying, I immediately wipe it with my hanky but it was so persistent, thankfully as I said, other passengers were sleeping.

HAHA. After this realization, I laughed at myself. What was I thinking??!!!

Well actually I got flashback memories of how I figuratively crawled to juggle all the things in my life  - work, school, family and all other responsibilities. Plus the fact that maybe the graduation bells are already ringing loud in my head. HAHA.

I'm crossing my fingers and will continuously believe that everything is possible, just have faith! :)

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  1. Aww, friend. You probably have no idea how we (kids from the conflict team) look up to you. We've heard of your struggles as you went on with your school life and career and, tbh, nakakabilib ka talaga. I, personally, feel humbled and blessed to know someone like you. We are also looking forward to your graduation and, of course, that four-letter abbreviation we can finally call you with. :')


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