Let it go

9:14 AM

Exactly a month after leaving my comfort zone, I can safely say that I think I've made the right decision. There are still gray areas and a lot of things I do not know on this new landscape, but it is safe to say that I am working it out. Although sometimes, I am still haunted by the past - there are regrets and "what ifs". I just wished there was a closure. I don't know if I have given my all to be the "catalyst" as my friends say, but like everybody else, I am no superhero, and that I can only do so much.

What have I regained so far? Well, at least I have my mental health checked (figuratively) and my sense of whole being. It is like I am seeing myself in a new light again and once again acknowledging it. I've come into a conclusion that life is really simple, and when there are a lot of solutions in the table, we tend to look at complicated things that confuses us, when the thing that will work out is the simplest one.

Looking back, I came across with  my first post this year. It says,

"For this year, I will not make any list whatsoever, maybe I'll just glance on some list I made few years back which were not accomplished but I will not really compel myself in pursuing it. This year, I will be open to anything, whatever life would lead me to. "

...and my life led me to the new landscape, and I will just adopt my personal mantra that "Patience and passion leads you to the road of self-discovery which will bring you happiness."

I am keeping in mind that if passion or patience were gone, then that's the end of it.

Photo credit to: http://stupendoustidbits.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/free_spirit_by_ryoung.jpg#free%20spirit

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