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"Patience and passion leads you to the road of self-discovery which brings you happiness."

I don't know where I got this quote, I wonder if it's from Legally blonde or I scribble it myself, but for some strange reason I found it while cleaning and doing inventory of my books. 

I (or we) know this for a fact,but it feels good to be reminded of these virtues (oftentimes taken for granted) which are key to success, I believe, if we truly understand the meaning of it. As they say, the simple solutions are the easiest one, we just want to make things complicated (Whut??!). I plan to make these as my major theme for 2014. (Another whertt?) For this year, I will not make any list whatsoever, maybe I'll just glance on some list I made few years back which were not accomplished but I will not really compel myself in pursuing it. This year, I will be open to anything, whatever life would lead me to. 

Speaking of which, I just watch some random films and read two (2) books, and I'm done with 47 ronin (which surprisingly also talks about patience). Out of the random films I watched, I love the Garden State the most. Others are just silly shit films that were very random by James Franco, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogens and their gang. I kinda relate with Andrew Largeman in the film (played by Zach Braff). I agree with the major theme of the film that all the people are searching for infinite abyss... that we want to discover something new, something unique or rather the idea of discovering something new, but at the end of the day, we just want to look for that imaginary place, where we can connect to others, and will make us connected. I don't know. 

Well anyway, enough of this crazy shit blurting. I just want to welcome 2014. 

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