Movie Review: Wreck-it-Ralph

3:12 PM

It was really amazing watching Wreck-it-Ralph in the big screen. We had no plans of watching this as originally, it was supposed to be Argo that we should be seeing. It was a spur of the moment decision to watch this Walt Disney film and it was all worth it.

As the usual Walt Disney movie, Wreck-it-Ralph did not fail in teaching us another moral story. This is what I like about watching cartoons. It makes sense. Anyway, Wreck-it-Ralph is the story of Ralph, tired of being who he is for the past 30 years, serving as a "bad guy" in the game Fix it Felix. The movie starts showing how game villains consoles themselves by having a sort of "me session" of their own experiences as the bad guys. The story reveals the discontentment of Ralph, being a villain, unable to experience fame, comfort and recognition. Until one day, he decided to find his destiny in another game in order to have a sort of 'medal' and the story revolves how Ralph made his way back to his role being the villain. 

Wreck-it-Ralph is about finding your place in the world. It goes to show that each of us has a role to portray and even small things and deeds matter. Ralph, being a bad guy is just a role that he needs to portray, but it doesn't mean that he is bad in his heart. No matter what role we are suppose to do in real life whether we be like the 'bad guy' it will not matter as long as it doesn't change the goodness of our heart. Acceptance and loving your own skin for me is what the message that the movie wants to convey. 

It is a must watch for the kids and kids at heart. 

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  1. Bilis ng movie review. Hahahahahaha!

    1. hahaha walang magawa! :p tsaka maiksi lang yan! :p san na yong iyo? :p


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